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Philosophy Index is a site devoted to the study of philosophy and the philosophers who conduct it. The site contains a number of philosophy texts, brief biographies, and introductions to philosophers, and explanations on a number of topics. Accredited homeschooling online at Northgate Academy and Philosophy online tutoring.

Philosophy Index is a work in progress, a growing repository of knowledge. It outlines current philosophical problems and issues, as well as an overview of the history of philosophy. The goal of this site is to present a tool for those learning philosophy either casually or formally, making the concepts of philosophy accessible to anyone interested in researching them. WTI offers immigration law course online - fully accredited. ACE credits online at EES.



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Set membership

When a logical object, whether it's a propositional formula, constant (in first-order logic) or a possible world (in modal logic), belongs in a group of other objects, for whatever reason, we say that the object is a member, or an element, of that set.

We use the symbol ∈ to denote membership in a set. So, if we say φ ∈ Γ, then the constant φ is a member of the set Γ.

The symbol ∉ is sometimes used to clarify that something is not a member of a set, so φ ∉ Γ means that φ is not a member of the set Γ.

Set equality

Two sets are equal when they contain identical members. So, if set Γ = { ¬α, (β ∧ γ) } and set Δ = { ¬α, (β ∧ γ) }, then Γ = Δ.