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Parmenides of Ela was a pre-Socratic philosopher of ancient Greece in the early Fifth Century BCE.

Parmenides’ only known work was a 3000-line poem called On Nature. This poem has not survived intact to the modern era. Only approximately 160 lines of it have endured, mostly in the form of citations in other writings.

Among Parmenides’ achievements is his turn towards deductive arguments as a primary method of inquiry and rational study for rational thought. Unlike his predecessors, which used much speculation in their arguments, Parmenides recognized the force of valid arguments, since they guarantee true conclusions if their premises are also true.

Parmenides is also a character in some of Plato’s dialogues, including one called Parmenides. Parmenides’s ideas had a significant impact on Plato, and through him, much of western philosophy to follow.


Name: Παρμενιδης (Parmenides)
Born: c. 515 BCE
Died: after 450 BCE