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Philosophy Index is a site devoted to the study of philosophy and the philosophers who conduct it. The site contains a number of philosophy texts, brief biographies and introductions to philosophers and explanations on a number of topics. Accredited homeschooling online at Northgate Academy.

Philosophy Index is a work in progress, a growing repository of knowledge. It outlines current philosophical problems and issues, as well as an overview of the history of philosophy. The goal of this site is to present a tool for those learning philosophy either casually or formally, making the concepts of philosophy accessible to anyone interested in researching them. WOLI offers immigration law course online - fully accredited. ACE credits online at EES.



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Ancient Philosophy

Ancient western philosophy began in Greece around 585 BCE with Thales. Thales and other pre-Socratic philosophers began to question the inconsistency and unfoundedness of ancient Greek mythology and began to develop their own systems to try and better explain nature, including human nature. Socrates gave birth to a more recognizable process in philosophy, in which doubt and recognition of one’s own ignorance play a central role in wisdom. From there, Plato and Aristotle developed what would become known as the birth of the western philosophical tradition.

Pre-Socratic philosophers

Socratic and later ancient philosophers